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How to Use the App?

This app works on Android Phones and Apple 5 and 6 iphones. The app also runs on Android Tablets.

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After installing the app and opening it you are requested to select your country. This will show ride outs within that country. If you move to a different country then motorbike rideout has the ability to switch easily to another. If you live in a country big enough to have states then please select your state.

For countries other than English the app has been translated to that language.

If you wish to post ride outs you will need to register, if you are a bike club member and want to post events on behalf of the club, add your bike club name on registration. To view ride outs, no registration is needed 

Viewing / Posting a Ride Out

By clicking the view ride out button, you will see a choice of ride outs which defaults to daily event first. Daily shows ride outs / events within an approximate 10 miles of your current location. Clicking on this 10 mile button allows you to select a mileage range from 0 -1000 miles, showing ride outs further a field. To view a ride out or event, simply click the selection of your choice. Here you will see the name, the leaving area and address, its destination if applicable, the date of the event and the start time. There is a notes section for the poster to give more information.

There are 2 further tabs Weekends and Tours. Clicking either of these buttons will produce a 12 month calendar. Choose the month that you are interested in to view weekends away or tours. In this section there is an optional more info button for the poster that will take you to the posters website, giving more information on the event. You do not need to register to view ride outs, only to post or participate.

To post ride outs, ( you need to register first, add your bike club if you wish to post on behalf of it) click the post ride out button choose daily, weekend or tour and fill in the required fields. In the leaving from field enter a post code or simply input a town or a city. Add a URL to the website field to get a link back to your website. If you want to hide the ride out for any reason click the hide button, ( you will only find it by searching the exact first word of the meeting name. .)  If its a bike club event check the box, a pop up will ask you to confirm you have permission to post the event on behalf of your club. Make sure you add some notes to give more information on the event. Clicking on the notes box will pop up a window for you to read the notes in full.

You can see who is attending the event by clicking the view attending button and if you want to participate then simply click the participate button ( you will need to be logged in to use this feature. )

Searching for Ride Outs

  • Enter a search term in the search bar example “ France “, and press the search icon.
  • You then have a choice of Daily Event – Weekends or Tours.
  • For Daily Events there is a further search filter.
  • All – Location – Meeting Name and Date.
  • For Weekends and Tours you are presented with a monthly calendar.
  • Please select the month of your choice to see if any ride outs meet your search term.
  • Tips: To find ride outs for that month simply type the month IE: March, or if you want to ride out this Sunday for example enter the date and hit submit

Further menu

Swiping the app to the right or clicking the menu bar in top left hand corner produces a secondary menu.

Edit ride out

To edit a ride out click the ride out of your choice, make your changes and click submit, the changes will take effect immediately.

Go To Website

This is a general link to

Delete ride out

To delete a ride out, hold down the ride out for 2 seconds, a box will appear asking if you wish to delete it, click yes if you wish to do so. You can only edit or delete ride outs that you have posted yourself.


If you wish to advertise in this app please follow this link for more information

Change Country

If you need to change country please use this function.


For help using the app, this link takes you to the website

To view bike club events click  “my bike clubs” you can add as many bike clubs as you want


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“Motorbikerideout a new free app that brings bikers together.”

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Map My Rideout

Map My Rideout

Out Now For Android !

 ( Iphone Version 21st Jan 2016 )

A New Free Motobike App that maps and tracks your rideout, see where you have been, share with friends via Whatsapp or Facebook, see mileage covered , duration and speed. Look up over 8000 worldwide routes and download directly the GPX file to your Sat Nav, with more being added every day, including weekends and tours. No mobile data required to map rides.

Simply Start Tracking  – Stop / Pause at the Journey end – Save to your Phone – Share with Mates or Upload to the Rideout Server to Share and Show other Bikers your Route.  Free to use,  to upload and search for routes to the rideout server a simple registration is required.

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